“Legacy of Time”

Book One Now Available

Time Travel + Steamy Sex = “Back to the Future” meets “Gone With The Wind”

The plantation country of Scarlett O’Hara was long ago, but not far away as Colette Boudreaux discovers when she travels back in time to the 1840’s in New Orleans. Feeling completely lost and out of place, she is sheltered by sugar cane plantation owner, Wyatt Alexander.

Time knows no boundaries and they soon discover love and passion. However, fireworks erupt when the cultural mores of a male dominated society marry those of a modern liberated female. Their bodies know they belong together, but their minds can’t, or won’t bridge the gulf dividing them.

Will Colette find her niche in the past, where her heart is grounded, or will she return to the future, lonely and alone? Only time will tell.


“Legacy of Time”

Chapter 1

Time was her enemy. Colette swore when she picked up the illuminated clock and
looked at the time. Three A.M. Way too early to get out of bed. Way too late to
get any semblance of restful sleep. She slammed the offensive clock down on the
bedside table. This was the seventh consecutive night she’d tossed on her bed.
What had awakened her?

Frustrated, she punched her pillow. Had the dream returned? She closed her eyes. Vague images of a soft silken gown, a man’s outstretched arms, and a beautiful antebellum
mansion flitted across her mind only to be abruptly replaced with maniacal sounds of laughter and horrific flashes of lightning.

Her pulse raced and her heart pounded in the aftermath of the remembered dream. Her fear increased and she wondered how such pleasant thoughts could transform into a
dreadful nightmare. Unshed tears burned her eyes.

Overwhelmed by a sense of loss, she succumbed to the dream evoked emotions and cried. Every time she thought she’d run out of tears, some relentless inner well erupted and she
found herself crying huge alligator tears all over again. Eventually, the well dried up, but a feeling of desperation lingered.

Time dragged and sleep remained elusive. The mantle clock chimed every quarter hour. The soothing melody normally calmed her. Now it grated harshly on her sleep-deprived nerves and body.

With each passing minute, her resolve grew. Something had to give—either her mind or her body—she didn’t really care which. But if that something didn’t happen and happen soon, she would go see a doctor, ask for a prescription, and hopefully get some sleep.

She clutched her pillow, closed her eyes, and prayed for a few hours of rest. She would see what tomorrow would bring.

Comments from Readers:

“I don’t usually read many books, but when I do, I always feel like the book will never end. With your book, I didn’t want it to end! John C., 69, Harahan, LA.

“I read a borrowed copy. I loved your book so much, I had to buy my own.” Allie Z., age 19, Harahan, LA.

“Just wanted to say awesome book. I really enjoyed the characters in the book and the way you compared the past with the present. I can’t wait for the second novel in the series to come out. I couldn’t put it down.” Wayne, 43, Tallahasseee, Florida.

“I loved your book. I couldn’t put it down.” Diane D., age 61, Tallahassee, FL.

“I don’t read novels, but I did read yours. After 30 pages, I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. My husband complained because I read at night instead of talking to him. It is not like he can hear what I am saying anyway! When is the next one coming?” Jerry C., 64, Baker, FL.

“The first 20 pages, I couldn’t figure out where I was going. The next 10, captured my full attention, and then I sat and did nothing else for the rest of the day until I finished your novel. You totally blew me away. I couldn’t believe you had it in you to write such a great book. I loved your choice of adverbs, the adjectives, and the story line. Great job!” Roberta D., age 64, Bourg, LA.

I am enjoying reading your book “Legacy Of Time.” I have told my friends about how interesting it is and now they want a copy so expect some more orders Ms. Cantrell.You have a superb imagination and I expect it to take you to the top in the writing field. Colleen Porter, Metairie, LA. Posted 12/08/2010

I could not put your book down. It was so steamy and sensual. I loved the time travel theme and the history of New Orleans and the plantation life in the 1800′s that is so well depicted in your new book. I am looking forward to your television and radio appearences as well as your book signings.You are exteremely talented and I know you will be famous sooner than you may think. Blessings to a first class author and a wonderful lady. I bet all of your associates at Ochsner Foundation hospital are very proud of you. I understand you were a highly respected and well loved nurse who also wrote professional papers for nursing. Wow! What a Woman ! All my best Ann ! posted by Colleen Porter on 12/9/2010

1 Response to “Legacy of Time”

  1. Darla Chauvin says:

    Enjoyed “Legacy of Time” very much and I suggested it to friends and relatives. I couldn’t put it down. Can’t wait to start “Legacy of Revenge”.

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