“Legacy of Conflict”

Cover of book three.

Cover of book three.

This third and final book of the Legacy time travel series finds Colette Alexander struggling to keep her family and properties safe from harm. Unfortunately, her knowledge of future events offers little protection against the forces of the Civil War.

Although every Southern family suffered death and destruction during the four-year conflict, Colette can only pray that the fates will spare hers. Many challenges and obstructions threaten to destroy/kill her relatives. She can only sit back and watch as events unfold.

Discover who will survive the blood bath and chaos…


“Legacy of Conflict”


April 12, 1861

Colette Alexander had run out of time.

Ever since she had found herself grounded in 1841 and not in the future where she belonged, she had dreaded the arrival of this day. She’d always known she couldn’t prevent current events, and now, she had to deal with reality.

Confederate forces had fired on FortSumter. The Civil War had begun and the South—its people and land—would soon be destroyed by Union forces. She looked around the dining room and wondered how her family would be affected by the war. Her stomach clenched and she pushed her half-eaten plate away.

Colette knew her husband, Wyatt, would probably enlist within weeks. There was no way he could be persuaded to stay home and avoid the conflict. Her son, Wayne, would want a chance to test his wings and fly into the melee. She planned to send her daughter, Elise, to New Orleans.

Colette knew what she had to do to keep the plantation safe. There would be public outrage once she implemented her plans, but fleeting visions of burned, destroyed properties crossed her mind. She clasped her hands together. She’d do whatever was necessary to keep her home safe.

She affectionately caressed her youngest son’s hair. “Nicky, how was dinner?”

“Can I have some more?” The ten-year old grinned and turned to his father.

“Save room for dessert.”

Colette watched Nicky run over to the buffet and cut a large slice of chocolate cake. She smiled. Nicky should be safe. She needed to focus her concerns on Wyatt and Wayne. She refused to consider the possibility they wouldn’t return home from the war.

She could only hope.

Hope and pray.

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