About Ann B. Cantrell

I started writing about 8 years ago. I would write furiously for a few weeks and then put my manuscript aside for up to a year at a time. I actually had the first draft of “Legacy of Time” completed in May 2005. Then came Hurricane Katrina with insurance company fights, majorly hard work at the hospital– we were one of just 3 hospitals open– and a bout of depression. Then I discovered SOLA- a writer’s group- and my life changed. After many classes, meetings, revisions, I have finally finished my first manuscript. I decided to self-publish because the thought of a rejection letter terrified me. I have always been successful with any endeavors, be it baseball, nursing, class work, or whatever. With the help of my retired nurse mentor, Janet Lococo, my dreams are becoming a reality.

I live in the Greater New Orleans area– if you couldn’t figure that out already– I am still working as a nurse but part time home health.

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1 Response to About Ann B. Cantrell

  1. Richard A. Palen says:

    Dear Mrs. Cantrell,

    I received your email and sent you one back. My email service isn’t the greatest so I hope you received the one I sent. I have my bags packed and seat belt on and ready to travel back to the Antebellum South! So looking forward to “The Legacy of War.” Hope all has been well with you and looking forward to more of your books.

    Richard 🙂

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