Legacy of Conflict Update

Okay readers, book three is finally written and is being formatted for printing as I write this. I can’t believe all of the obstacles that were placed in my way, keeping me from getting this book done. Personal surgery with major complications plus family members having pneumonia, lung disorders, and a stroke. Add months of research and confusion about how to write a book with several characters and you get the reasons why it took me an additional six months to get this completed. I appreciate your patience and hope that the wait will be worth it once you get your book. This is the photo that will be used for the cover. I love this picture.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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3 Responses to Legacy of Conflict Update

  1. Veronica Voisin says:

    What a beautifully romantic picture. Please be sure to let me know when the book will be available to purchase.

  2. Darla says:

    Can’t wait!!! Please let everyone know when it’s fresh of the printer.

  3. Jamie Coyne says:

    I purchased the first two books on my kindle yesterday. Happy to say both we’re very good! I couldn’t put them down!!! Cannot wait for the next!!!

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