Reader’s Input Wanted

I have 11 chapters of Legacy of Revenge written. After a few phone calls from friends and relatives wondering about will this person do this in the next book, or will this happen, and so forth, I have decided to put a comment out here to say- let me know what you might want to see happen in Book 2. I can’t promise you I will use your idea, but you never know, and it may inspire me to create a different book altogether. Book 2 is the continuing story of Colette and Wyatt and the blossoming love story of Jacob and Laurel.

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1 Response to Reader’s Input Wanted

  1. Veronica Voisin says:

    Hi Ann, I just finished reading Legacy of Time. What a joy to read. I can’t wait until your next book comes out. I purchased your book and Janet’s books at Southdown this winter and thoroughly enjoyed reading all of them. I enjoy reading how our relatives lives may have been in the past. Please keep the good reads coming.

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