Selling Books!

Family is a wonderful thing to have- my mother is my best customer. She purchased books for all of her friends- even her church buddies. Hope those good Catholics close their eyes when they read the sexy parts! Thanks, Mom.

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One Response to Selling Books!

  1. I could not put your book down. It was so steamy and senusual. I loved the time travel theme and the history of New Orleans and the plantation life in the 1800’s that is so well depicted in your new book. I am looking forward to your television and radio appearences as well as your book signings.You are exteremely talented and I know you will be famous sooner than you may think. Blessings to a first class author and a wonderful lady. I bet all of your associates at Oschner Foundation hospital are very proud of you. I understand you were a highly respected and well loved nurse who also wrote professional papers for nursing. Wow! What a Woman ! All my best Ann !

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